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Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar

739 Iberville St, New Orleans

First night in the city we went here.  We’d gone to Acme, and a friend had told us that Felix’s was a lot better and less likely to have to wait in a long line.  He was right!

Char-grilled oysters were SOOOO good!  OMG!  Even Gabe who doesn’t like seafood in general, and oysters specifically, loved them.  And of course the raw ones were good too.  Nice and fresh!  Blackened gator tastes like chicken.  This was probably the first time we’d had it without it being in something else.  Normally, you don’t get just one bite of pure gator.  But this time, it was all gator, and it left us wondering why we were spending so much money on chicken.  lol  Hamburgers are huge!  Right about the size of a salad plate.  The étouffée was ok.  But I’m not typically a big étouffée eater anyways.  Fried catfish platter was also really big.  I think it came with 8-10 catfish filets on top of a mountain of fries.  I didn’t try it, but Gavin said it was really good.

Definitely going back next time we’re in NOLA.  Loved it!