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The Falls on the Brazos State Park

Marlin is a tiny town just south of Waco. There’s really not much to it. But there is a state park that is just south of town on the Brazos river. It has 15 campsites that are not big rig friendly. Anything over 30’ will probably not be able to pull it off, and that’s for the single premium site. Also, while there is electricity, there’s only 30 amp available. This park had been run down and new managers are updating it. Last we were there, the city had lent out some generators because not every site had electric. This was for a grand reopening.

The campground is set up in a loop with one half campsites and the other bordered by the river. The premium site is the only one on the water. Inside the loop is a playground and a few covered pavilions with some BBQ pits. When entering the park, there is also a small store/café. The new managers offer simple lunch items such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. They also have chips, pies, and drinks.

The rate is at $25 for all sites, except the premium site which is $30.

The Falls themselves are pretty. Lots of locals come to fish. You can walk out into the river which is really shallow for quite some distance. Obviously, very slippery as algae has grown over the rock bed. So don’t wear your glasses. Ask me how I know.

The park is free to hang out in. Nice spot during the hot summer to cook out and go for a quick dip in the water.

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