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Tristan’s 6th Birthday

Today we celebrated my youngest child’s 6th birthday.  I made him a cake from Mario Galaxy 2, and after cake and presents, we went mini golfing at this place where it’s indoors and it’s got black lights.  Sorta weird, but fun.

The cake was devil’s food cake with chocolate frosting.  The planets were rice crispy treats.  The covering for the planets are all fondant, as well as the stars and Mario’s face.  The writing was done in icing.  The cake was a 9 x 13 placed in the center of a cardboard sheet.  The planets were then placed to either side, with two behind on another cardboard cut and folded and reinforced to hold the weight.  I used the last bit of chocolate frosting to cover the cardboard as it was white and looked funny with the whole Mario Galaxy theme.