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The View From Here

The View From M/V Santa Cruz, Cali to Louisiana via Panama.



On the road from Glen Rose to Magnolia in Texas.

The View From the Original Pancake House on the day we left Las Vegas.

The Sunrise at Lake Havasu (this was taken while Gabe was pumping sewage…..nice views to make up for the smells lol)

Two different shots of the sunset at Lake Havasu.  These were both taken bout 30 feet from our RV.  Great location!

The kids at Lake Havasu.

The view driving down into Havasu.

The Colorado River

The Colorado River again

And the Bridge that goes over it.

HWY 62 in California….the north border of Joshua Tree.  It wasn’t too busy of a highway, as you can see.

The View in Santa Paula from our campground.

San Francisco, on our way out to Alcatraz