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Texas State Capitol

We went to the Texas State Capitol in Austin, TX the day before Thanksgiving.  While there were a lot of people in there that day, due to it’s HUGE size, it didn’t feel crowded at all.  We took the self guided tour, and I think we ended up spending about 2 hours checking it all out.  The Texas Capitol building is 14 feet taller than the US Capitol building.  Yes….everything is bigger in Texas!  When it was built, it was touted as the World’s 7th largest building.  It cost a total of 43.7 million (1888), which includes the bartering of land for labor in what is known as one of the largest batering transactions in history (google XIT ranch for more information of what the land is currently used for).  The use of the pink granite is gorgeous! They have since added a $75 million underground extension (1970).  If you have a chance to get to the Capitol, do so!  It’s so gorgeous and the history there is astonishing!

Did you know that Texas was the second state to have a female governor?  And the only reason we were second is because our actual inaugural date was two weeks after Wyoming’s.  Liberal states that claim they are working hard for women’s rights haven’t kept up with the more conservative states. New York and California have yet to elect a female for governor.  And Massachusetts had their first a mere 9 years ago.  Our first was in 1925.  Does this have anything to do with out strong Texan Women?  I’d like to think so.

Outside, looking through the gardens and other statues, we came upon the ten Commandments!  Awesome!  My favorite part of the exterior was the rose garden.  This was filled with a specific variety of rose.  In November, they were still in bloom and you could smell them strongly!  One of my pet peeves about roses is that people have bred the scent out of them in lieu of better looking stems.  I prefer the heady scent of them any day!  Anyways, these roses were originally “hybrid bred” by the Indians to do well in our hard Texan climate.  They then planted them along trailheads so they could find their was around.  Imagine, instead of stop signs and street signs, roses!