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Ripley’s San Antonio

301 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio

Price for all six attractions for 3 adults and 3 children was $285.  It took us the better part of 6 hours to do everything.  Seeing as how it came out to just under $8/an attraction/person/average, I think it’s a fair enough price.  Doing it again, I wouldn’t want to do everything, though.

1.  Waxworks.   This is a typical wax museum.  There are some pop culture, influential persons, and even some fictional characters such as snow white.  I thought some of them were better than others.  Some of them were off just a bit and it ruined the effect.  There was also a scary section in the wax museum where they had ones like Freddie and a few no name monsters just for fun.  All in all, entertaining.  Although I don’t know that I’d go through it again, personally.  But it makes me want to go to other more famous wax museums and check them out.

2. 4D Ride.  This was SOOOO much fun!  We were all laughing the whole time! It’s two short “films” that are more like a video game race/level in nature.  The seats move, the seat in front of you blows air on your face occasionally, there’s a little tail like whip that brushes against the back of your legs, and fake, but cold, snow is blasted at you.  Lots of fun!  This I would do again.

3.  Oddatorium.  This really was a weird place.  Lots of fascinating things to look at and learn about.  There was everything from head shrinking to egg shell paintings.  A man who’d grown a mustache every year and then cut it off annually and kept the hair together so you could see the progression of his mustaches.  Chinese foot binding and the shoes they wore.  A man from Mexico who painted Mexico’s history on butterflies.  A 15′ tall replica of the Eiffel Tower made with toothpicks and only weighs 5 pounds.  I’d like to visit again and only do this as doing everything else that day, I felt a bit tired and rushed.

4.  Guiness records.  This was sort of interesting, but a bit of a bore for me personally.  The kids seemed to enjoy this a lot.  I guess some people are really into records.  But to be honest, I could care less how many hula hoops one woman was able to hula hoop at one time.  I don’t know that I’d go again.

5.  Haunted House.  So you get into an elevator and go up this very rickety and very loud ascension to the second floor.  Once there, there’s a 3 minute intro with your “guide”, who then leaves you to fend for yourself.  The rules.  You can’t go back, you must go forward.  There’s no backing out.  Do not touch any of the actors, they are not allowed to touch you.

It lasts about 15 minutes.  You walk through alternating rooms and hallways of strobe lights to total blackness.  Actors pound on walls, open doors and scream at you, and run down the hallway looking like an escapee from the local mental ward.  The props were good, with some body bags that moved on their own, various torture chambers, etc.  Corbin and Tristan had a HUGE problem and Gabe had to at times literally push them through it.  Caelan and Gavin seemed to enjoy it.  This surprised both Gabe and I because we would’ve guessed the opposite of all our kids.  Gabe didn’t get to enjoy it as much because he was busy with two who weren’t enjoying it.  I liked it just fine, although the strobe lights bothered me so two whole rooms I saw nothing and just went through them with my eyes closed.  As far as cheap scares……I think they did a good job.  But I think that I’ve had to have very good hearing for far too long as a mother and I was always able to guess where the actor would come out of a second before he did due to little noises and movements on the other side of the wall.  The people ahead of us seemed quite surprised, so I’m guessing the non-surprise for me was just because I’m so used to hearing when a child is coming up to my room, or about to open the door.  I’d do this again, and I’d prefer to do it only with Gabe so that we can enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed, without kids who are laughing loudly or kids that are crying loudly.  lol

6.  Tomb Rider.  Short theme park type ride.  You car seats two, it takes you through on a track.  You each have a toy gun and are supposed to shoot the blue lights.  It lasted all of 3 minutes and was pretty lame.  I would not do this again.