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NASA Mississippi

NASA Infinity in Mississippi

There is a NASA facility in Mississippi, off of I-10, close to the border.  There’s a rest stop, and right next door is this museum.  It’s a smaller museum, without a whole lot.  Probably the thing we liked the best was the replica of one of the living quarters.  It shows how they have locking drawers on all walls, floors, and ceilings….since there’s no gravity.  And the sleeping bags that “stand up”, for the same reason.

With the price of the ticket, you can also go on a bus tour of the actual facility across the highway.  It is just a bus tour.  You’re not allowed off.  You don’t get to see the inside of any of the buildings.  But you do get to see the rocket testing sites and buildings, which was really neat. The tour lasts around 45 minutes.  The museum can be seen, with reading everything, in about an hour.  Not a bad place for an extended rest stop on a long trip. ImageImageImageImage