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Las Vegas, Baby!

While staying at the Clark County Shooting Park, we figured we’d go down to the strip and check things out.  It actually took us two tries, as the first night, we got there too late to find any parking.  Being the Sunday after the New Year, it was pretty packed.  We went back the next night and started at Circus Circus.  We gave each of the kids $20 and let them have fun.  Caelan turned out to be freakishly good at carnival games!  I think she got 8 or 9 prizes with her $20!  Afterward, we went to the circus circus buffet.   Tristan promptly ran into a line guard rail and spilled his drink all over the place.  Seeing as how he is 5, he runs into things a lot.  So we sorta take it in stride.  The Buffet manager came over and was really worried about Tris.  Funny thing was, I was more worried about the fact that there was now about 12 oz of soda on his floor and someone could slip and fall.  lol

After we ate, we put our extra items in the truck and walked the strip.  Other than a few times when my parents took me to Vegas when I was about 6, I’ve never been.  I’m not too interested in gambling.  It’s not that I don’t understand paying for entertainment.  It’s just that sitting as a slot machine and vegging out doesn’t seem like fun to me.  And this was my frame of mind before I went to the strip.

First off, there’s pictures of naked girls EVERYWHERE!  Flyers all over the ground like someone drove by and just threw hundreds of them out the window.  INstead of newspaper stands, they have porn stands.  Large billboards and televisions on the strip showing girls in action.  And flatbed trucks driving the strip with billboards on the back to advertise their 900 number.  Keeping the boys from checking it all out was impossible.  The best I could do was to order them to keep their eyes up and stop trying to make out the posters on the ground.  lol  Then you have the people.  Either the ladies were working, and working it hard, or they were out on the town with their menfolk and dressing as slutty as possible. I don’t often say this, but I felt like a prude in Vegas!  lol  And please keep in mind, it wasn’t summer.  It was drifting snow as we were walking the strip.  We all had jackets on sweaters and hats and gloves and were still cold.  And there are these girls walking around in lace!  Short lace at that!  I mean, aren’t you cold?!  Or are you just that drunk?

Speaking of drunk, as we waited for a bus that would take us back to our truck, we sat down next to someone who was passed out and reaked.  Well, he came too, puked in a Cheetos bag, mumbled about something or another, and then started eating out of the bag!  I’m not joking….I”m not making this up.  Just another Monday night on the strip!  Gross!

We went to a few hotels to see their free shows in front.  There was a volcano show at one and a water show at another.  We also went into M&M World, which was nice….especially because it was climate controlled and WARM!

On our way back, we took the bus, but we took the wrong one, which did NOT go right past Circus Circus.  And after walking and walking and walking, we got to walk some more.  It was 11 at night and we were all exhausted.  We finally made it to the truck, and somehow climbed inside to start our trip back to the RV, about 15 minutes.  Well, 4 minutes into the drive, Caelan puked.  She had been looking at her stuffed animal prizes, so she covered them ALL with puke.  The puke was still fairly solid, so at least it was easy to scrub off the floor when we got back to the RV, which had to be done right away (you can’t put off puke lol).  I was soooo tired and cold!  All I wanted was to sleep forever in a heated room under a heated blanket.  But no.  I’m cleaning puke.  Lovely.

The next morning, on the way out, we stopped at The Original Pancake House.  It was actually pretty yummy.  I had pecan pancakes!  However, after looking and looking for it, while driving a 40 foot rig mind you, we figured out it was in the casino.  I know this is probably common sense to anyone who’s been to Vegas, but we were newbies.  And the shock at having everything in a casino hadn’t worn off.  Let me just say, breathing in a million cigarettes in stale air doesn’t do it for me.  The lights going off everywhere gives me vertigo.  And the fact that you can’t skirt it is really annoying.  For example, the bathrooms are on the casino floor.  So if you’re at CoCo’s one night (the first night we tried, we went to another off strip casino for dinner), and eating, it’s a big ordeal to let the kids go to the bathroom because they aren’t allowed on the floor by themselves.  But they won’t allow bathrooms anywhere else because they want people to be tempted non-stop by the gambling.

And while we were walking around these few days, checking out different casinos to use their bathrooms or eat at their restaurants, what I saw made me sad.  Looking out at this place that’s filled with people, and most of them are alone….staring straight ahead… a gambling funk where they’re just on auto pilot playing these games.  And it wasn’t just the slots.  In movies, they always show people sitting down for poker and having a good time.  Hanging out and meeting new people.  The equivalent of going to the bar to have a good time on a Friday night. However, out of every table I saw, there was only one where they were a bit engaging with each other.  The rest, they resembled the slot players.  No one looked like they were even having a good time.  For the life of me, I cannot understand why people gamble.  If there’s anyone out there who likes games….come on over…we’ll have game night here.  It’ll be free, lots of good laughs and conversation, and maybe even a few rounds of Whiskey.  but the point is connection with other people.

I think in general, everyone enjoyed Vegas.  But I will say this, if Gabe thought before that there was a cold chance in hell that I”d want to go gamble, well, magnify that by about 100, and you’re somewhere in the ballpark.  The whole city was just seedy.  Gross. Alright….off my soapbox.