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Lake Livingston Part Two (AKA fishing and male bonding)

We’ve been fishing off the edge of the lake the last few days.  And like everyone else, we haven’t caught anything.  We’re planning on renting a boat tomorrow or the next day, but till then, we took the kids out for a bit to give em a bit of experience on baiting and casting, and not hooking other people

And then we went to another location in the park that is supposed to be a bit shallow for swimming.  The water was cold.  The kids felt it was odd to swim where there are fish (to quote Caelan “I think it should be illegal”).  It took forever to get Gavin to jump in to see how deep it was (hey, I wasn’t going to go in unless it was to save someone’s life).  When he finally, err, jumped in, he was so scared by the way he, err, jumped, that he didn’t notice how deep the water was.  Gabe finally ended up getting in (after helping Gavin jump), and we found out it’s about 5 feet deep, so a bit much for the littles.  Well, Gabe decided to offer the boys each $5 to jump in.  Gavin took the bait.  Corbin didn’t.  Gabe decided Corbin should have the same opportunities that Gavin has and helped Corbin jump in too.  But Corbin was a bit harder to help as he’s so freaking wily.  He was climbing up Gabe to avoid the whole thing.  I think he was playing up the hurt feelings afterward a bit much, I think he actually liked his dad thro…..err, helping him jump in.