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Lake Livingston Part three (fishing and boating)

We fished a lot on our trip.  Unfortunately, we got nothing.  Everyone we talked to that week had trouble.  Something about the moon being weird, someone said it was the closest it had been to earth in some umpteen years, so it was effecting the fish.  Either way, it was nice to know that even the veteran fishermen had some trouble and the only ones who caught anything were those who put out trot lines for long periods of time.

On the other hand, we all had a blast either way.  The kids got a lot more time to learn how to fish than we normally have just heading up to Huntsville for the morning here and there. The got to learn about weights and bobbers and hooks and bait.  BTW, kinda funny to here a kid say “can you hand me some more bloody shad”.  lol

We rented a pontoon boat for 4 hours one day and had a lot of fun.  We rented up by Riverside and road down Trinity river for awhile.  DId some fishing and swimming, although it was still pretty cold and the sun didn’t peek out from the clouds long enough to really get too warmed up.   The area is beautiful.  We saw lots of birds and turtles.  The tree canopy along the shoreline is very pretty.