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Lake Livingston Part One (AKA my anniversary)

Today is my 10th anniversary.  We had set up to have my mother watch the kids Friday through Sunday, and then we’d pick em up and come back up here to the lake and finish out the rest of the week with them.  Well, spring break was last week.  We’d forgotten that Texas spring break comes earlier than we were used to.  So we waited awhile to make reservations.  A spot wasn’t available till Saturday.  So, we brought the kids to my mom’s house and had a wonderful day together.  We went to Denny’s for breakfast, did a bit of packing and cleaning to get ready for our trip.  We went to see Paul at the movies (really good).  Got some yummy BBQ for dinner.  Came home and watched Due Date (really, really good), got a bit tipsy and had a bit of fun together!

This morning started off great.  We finished up our packing, took a shower, ran a few small errands, and got going.  We were getting a bit of a late start, but we got to sleep in a bit without the kids, and the campsite is an hour away and check in is 2.  No biggie.  We get here and things started to go downhill.

We picked a spot with a great view of the lake.  On the map, however, it looked like a typical back in spot on a campground’s loop.  Mostly backing straight back.  When we got here we realized it was closer to perpendicular, and we have a long rig.  So first we got too close to one side, then to the other.  We shook hands with one tree, and then rubbed shoulders with another.  Our bumper said hello to the wooden post, and while the post is just peachy, our bumper covering (diamond plate) is now no longer covering our bumper.

Luckily, some very nice people showed up (some also not so nice people showed up, but we’re going to ignore them for the time being), and the guy was a long haul driver, and he nicely offered to park it for us.  By this time, the tensions were very high, we had started to have a crisis of belief in our marriage, and there was about 15 minutes where I really had trouble remembering why I like to travel.  We were coming apart at the seams, and there happened to be 3 cars waiting for us to finish and get out of the road.  So, my hubby did what he NEVER does.  He let someone else drive his truck!  I know…..but we’ve got good insurance….so we rested in that.  The good and bad of it is this….this guy was a professional…and he had some problems getting us in.  The rig is officially in it’s spot, it took about 15 times longer than we really thought we’d need, there was a crowd of 75 or so viewing us from their campsites, and Gabe, hopefully, felt a bit better that this guy had a bit of trouble as well.  What can I say?  It’s a learning curve and we didn’t exactly start out with a small trail behind to get used to it.  We started out at 40 feet, with a long bed.  We’ll figure it out eventually.

To all you people who were here on March 19th and stared at us….you’ve been there too….just not today.  So put those tongues back in your heads.  It’s hard enough trying to learn as you go, we could use a bit of support.  And to those wonderful people who helped us out….THANK YOU!

Did I mention our spare tire underneath the front end of our rig scraped as we were maneuvering?  Gabe says that tire will be finding a new home very soon.

Did I mention that while our rig is centered, there are still trees out there, and our awning also decided it wanted to be formally introduced to the forest?  Yup….not a whole lot of afternoon shade for us.

Did I mention that our brand new hose setup with it own reel box is basically worthless and we still ended up using the other one anyways?

And also, as we were trying to level what was incredibly slanted towards the back, our fuse blew again.  But, Walmart is nearby.  And using our GPS, only took us about 25 minutes to drive the 3 miles down the road.  Garmin….if you’re reading this…..learn how to drive.  You suck!

We did end up taking a nice walk through the park, and I will say that no matter what side of the lake you’re on…it’s gorgeous here.  I love it.  We’re praying to win the lotto so we can afford to move here.  I’ve got a good feeling.  We’ve been so very lucky so far.  Why would I not be optimistic?  And lying in bed in the middle of the day with Gabe and without the children is sublime.  All in all, this day has been a good one…it was just that one hour we were parking and setting up that sucked.  But our fishing supplies is all ready to go for tonight, and we’ve got some deer sausage and hamburgers filled with cheese, onions, and jalapenos for dinner tonight.  Outlook is good.

Oh, crap, we forgot kindling.