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Jelly Belly Factory Tour

This place does have a cafeteria/food court style eating area, which we didn’t use because it was late afternoon.  We did the tour which last about 45 minutes and was prety fun.  From the vantage point above the factory floor, it seems like you’re looking down on a sea of Jelly Bellys!  My son volunteered for a fun test during the tour.  They told him he had carmel corn, and when he ate it and said “Disgusting!”, the tour guide said “actually, what you just ate is Moudly Cheese.  It looks like Carmel Corn, so be careful if someone ever offers you Carmel Corn.”  She went on to list the other looks alikes (licorice and skunk spray, for example).  He was a bit upset and I just shrugged my shoulders and said “well….don’t volunteer next time.”  lol  I bought 5 bags of Belly Flops which are the ones that don’t come out perfect.  They cost $6/each and weigh 2 pounds.  Well worth the money!  We love Jelly Belly but it’s so expensive it’s really a luxury.  I’m hoping these bags will last awhile, although I’ve already begun to notice just how addictive they can be!

While we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the factory, we took a few outside.  Those pictures down of John Wayne and others are made from jelly beans!  Pretty impressive!