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Ice Skating on a Rainy Day

While in California for the month of December, we had a week of rain.  In Houston, we get some 50 inches of rain annually.  We’re sorta used to it.  However, Los Angeles is a desert.  They never get rain.  And in attempting our first RV trip, with four children, it wasn’t a good time to be bored and stuck indoors.  Most of the week, we had things to do.  It was the week before Christmas and there were enough errands that needed to be done, along with some visiting with family.  However, one day, we had nothing to do all day.  So, I’d decided we’d go ice skating.  The kids all love to skate and I figured afterwards everyone would be tired enough to go back to the rig and watch a movie and be somewhat quiet.

It started with bad rental skates.  The rink in Houston we go to has newer skate rentals and we’ve never had a big problem.  In Oxnard, only one of use was happy with our skates, after returning them several times!  So we get on the ice and skate for a bit and then it’s time to clean the ice.  So we sit down for ten minutes.  When it was time to go back, I was going to stop for a minute and take some pics of the kids as they skated by.  I couldn’t find Gavin.  After a few minnutes, Corbin told me that Gavin was across the rink with blood.

I go over there and he’s outside the rink on this bench with a few guys who work there and he’s split open his chin.  SIGH.  Alright, let’s go to the Urgent Care.  Well, thanks to the increases in insurance (sort of a preemptive strike to those who will be getting Obama-care), what would’ve been $25 in 2009 was $350 in 2010.  Thank God we’re middle class because the governement cares about us and has our backs…..oh, wait…what do you mean our insurance costs will be quadrupled?  Why?  Because of government care?  Oh.  Ok.  Yup…stitch him up.  Nope, I’ll take them out myself.  Why?  Because it’ll be the New Year and it’ll cost another $300 for that when I can do it with scissors myself.  (Which I did, and it’s just fine.)  Anyways, enough about politics.  We spent about 1 hour in the urgent care, and then went out to Roxbury’s Deli in Port Hueneme, Ca afterwards!  Very yummy.  Corbin didn’t want his pic taken, so you won’t see much of him.