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Peanut Lindholm

For those of you on the West Coast……I got to see baby Lindholm!  (Holds hands to head and sticks out tongue in a mocking gesture.)

She’s SOOOOOO cute and alert!  Mama looks amazing as well!  So cool to get to watch the motherly grace that comes with having a baby.  And I suppose Mark was pretty good too.  🙂

On a completely unrelated topic……PLEASEEEEEE don’t move away!!!!!!!  (end grovel).  Love you guys!



Lindholm Pregnancy Photo Shoot

This was a short photo shoot I did with Mark and Alicia.  She was about 36 weeks pregnant at the time.  I had so much fun doing it and we were joking the entire time.  I love how these pics came out and was very happy with them.  Hopefully, the expectant parents are also happy with them and can look back on this time with joy.

Tristan’s 6th Birthday

Today we celebrated my youngest child’s 6th birthday.  I made him a cake from Mario Galaxy 2, and after cake and presents, we went mini golfing at this place where it’s indoors and it’s got black lights.  Sorta weird, but fun.

The cake was devil’s food cake with chocolate frosting.  The planets were rice crispy treats.  The covering for the planets are all fondant, as well as the stars and Mario’s face.  The writing was done in icing.  The cake was a 9 x 13 placed in the center of a cardboard sheet.  The planets were then placed to either side, with two behind on another cardboard cut and folded and reinforced to hold the weight.  I used the last bit of chocolate frosting to cover the cardboard as it was white and looked funny with the whole Mario Galaxy theme.

Family pics

Four Generation picture.  Adults from left to right are Gabe, his step mom, his father, his grandmother, and his grandfather.  The kids are, of course, Gavin Corbin, Tristan, Caelan.

Some friends we met at the RV park in Santa Paula, Ca.  Four kids, ages 4-11.  All 8 children really got along well, and us adults did too!  Lots of fun!

Caelan and I went to see the Nutcracker.  Before the show, we stopped at Zona Rosa and had some yummy Mexican hot chocolate!