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Exploratorium in San Francisco

We went to the Exploratorium in San Francisco.  The only thing I would’ve changed were my plans.  In the end, we only spent about 3 hours there.  We hit Alcatraz in the morning, the Aquarium on Pier39 midday, and then the Exploratorium.  There was SOOOO much to see and do we could probably go there once a week and never get bored.  Everything from perpetual motion to visual eye tricks, they explain the mysteries of science and how things work.

In my opinion, the best thing that I saw there were the chicken eggs.  They had 4 “test tube” chicken eggs, fertilized at 1, 2, 3-4, and 5-7 days gestation.  They were place in a saucer under heat lamps and there was a miscroscope over them so you could see better.  Day  looked like an egg.  Day 2, you could start seeing the blood vessel (little red lines).  Day 3-4 you couuld see the heartbeat, with you’re naked eye!  Day 5-7 with your naked eye, you could clearly see the fetus, as well as a fully functioning heart (the difference being day 3-4 you could see something moving rythmically, day 5-7 you could make out the different parts actually pumping).  It was really amazing to see life at such an early stage!

Not too many pics compared to how many I would’ve like to take because so much of it is hands on movement/experience.  It’s really something you have to go and DO.