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Clark County Shooting Park

We stayed here the first two nights of the year.  It was FREEZING!  In fact, it was snowing when we left!  I assume it’s also probably not too much fun during the heat of the summer.  It hurt my fingers to shoot my Glock more than about 15 shots at a time.  We all ended up shooting with gloves on.  Gabe made some remark about how we’re just trying to practice in the event we’re ever robbed in the snow….we’ll be prepared!  lol

The ranges were set up a bit different than I’ve seen them.  They had already marked out the distances, and set up this concrete platform with two slots to put the legs of your target stand into.  The target stand reminded me of those Open House signs, with the two feet coming down to stick into the ground.  The target stands were made of plastic and were hollow, so it was fairly easy to take em out, even to the 200 year line.

Gabe and I both shot our handguns, and we both put a few rounds through my Remi 700.  We rented two .22 revolvers for the kids, and they loved shooting them.  THey were a bit heavy, especially for the littles, but they liked shooting them.  When they first saw them, all four of their jaws dropped since they were larger than our  semi-auto handguns.  They figured “alright…now we’ve got out the big guns”!  Very cute!  We went out the first day at night (which in January, was only about 5pm), and the second day about midday.  The hardest thing was just the cold.  Not to sound like wimps…..but we live in a relatively warm area.  And while it might get cold in Houston, it’s only for like 3 days, and then it’s time for the air conditioning again!