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California Capitol

We stopped by the California State Capitol on our way to San Francisco.  We were there about an hour, and took the guided tour.  I supposed the biggest thing for the kids was that they recognized the Governor from Kindergarten Cop.  HAHA.  The tour guide tried real hard, but she was a bit dry for the kids, and not too well informed.  The statement “this is a stronghold for democracy” and others to that point were made frequently.  I stopped Corbin from correcting her that we’re a republic.  The safe that was in the treasury office was another thing that she speculated on that wasn’t based in fact.  There’s a picture of a women on the safe who’s showing some cleavage above her long victorian gown.  Well, during the time that the treasury office had first opened, the women weren’t even allowed to show their arms to the men and had to hide behind a screen to wash their hands.  She thought that the woman in the pic was trying to say “times will change”.  Well, the truth of it was, the safe had a date stamp on it of 1875.  The treasury office was opened about 1906.  Well, in 1875, the style was still low necks on long dresses. By 1900, it had been replaced with the high necked dresses mostly associated with Victorian modesty.  Times, yeah, they changed.  As they always do.  The world is always in flux, modest followed by immodest followed by modest again.  Here’s hoping by the time my daughter is in high school, modesty will be back in style.  HA HA.  There were a few other mistakes she’d made, but these were the ones I remember the most.

The capitol building itself was a bit smaller than the Texas one, and while I’d parked only about a block from it, I actually had to follow signs to find it, as there were other buildings close in and taller!  When we were inside, and the tour was wrapping up, Tristan said “what about the rest?”.  Umm…honey, this is it.  Things are bigger in Texas!  HAHA!

It had been redecorated in the original Victorian decor, and they had used many witnesses, pictures, and journals to attempt to get it as right as possible to what the original building looked like.  The staircases were beautiful, and I liked the lamps and the ceilings in most rooms.  However, the floors were a bit dizzying to me, personally.  Which is one thing about Victorian decorating, more was more!  I like the vast majority of the style, but some of it can go overboard for my tastes.  I like cleaner lines and not so many patterns.  I guess the best way to put it is the difference between being in Buca di Beppo and a white linen 4 star restaurant.  I tend to be overloaded by a lot of stimuli, and it unnerves me to be in certain places too long with a lot of visual and auditory stimuli.  (BTW, I love buca di Beppo, but we tend to go after Tae Kwon Do at about 8:30 at night when there aren’t a lot of people and it’s calmed down a bit.)

I was disappointed that we weren’t allowed on the Senate or House floors, just in the public viewing area above, but you could still get a good view.

One other thing that was a bit of a joke… Texas, if you carry, they check your license and you don’t have to 1. wait in line or 2.go through the metal detector.  In California, no carrying allowed.  And yes, as it typical with me, I had to walk through it about 4 times to get it to not go off.  Maybe it’s the super-wire in my bra!  HA HA!

It was cool to check it out, and now Gabe is saying we should try to see em all!  I didn’t have the heart to tell him we might have to go through Canada to get to Alaska!  HAHA!