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California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco

We hit this wonderful place on the way home from San Francisco.  Wednesdays are free, so if you get the Go Card, be aware of that. If I would’ve known that, I wouldn’t have gotten the Go Card because we ended up spending about $20 more because this place was free.  lol  Anyways, it was set up with different “eco-system” areas.  There was a tidal pool area (which we never got to), a four story rainforest, an aquarium (which was way better than Pier 39 one….one more reason to skip the Go Card if these are the places you’ll be going), a snow area, and a living history museum of Africa.  In the later, we got to see the penguins get fed and learn about them…lots of fun!  Only thing is, you have to sit down so everyone can see, and Tristan was on my lap for about 30 minutes.  By the time I went to get up, one entire leg from toe to hip was completely numb and I couldn’t walk!

First couple pics are of the kids in the snow area playing with the blown in snow, and then of the penguins.  Next comes the rainforest.  Inside, I heard lots of people saying things like “it’s so hot in here!”  and “it’s so humid!”.  The kids had spent the last few days complaining about how cold California was! HA HA!  I thought the rainforest felt like a May day in Houston.  It was wonderful!  In fact, there was a particular spider, the Orb spider, that was in the Madagascar level that I’ve seen at our house and have in fact killed a few myself.  Madagascar my butt!

The rainforest had a water feature in the center and the levels gradually went around it and up.  There were butterflies flying around, which was lots of fun.  The aquarium is under the rainforest and if you look carefully at the pics looking down, you can people under the fish.  And if you look at the aquarium photos, you can see the rainforest above it.  Cool set up.  In the rainforest, the snakes were all lively, and the lizards and frogs were such gorgeous colors the camera doesn’t do it justice.

In the aquarium, there were two specimens that were knew to me.  One are the sand eels.  They were about the size of a night crawler, and they bury themselves in the sand, popping out their heads to look for food  that happens by when it’s safe.  The other were the upside down jellyfish.  These are typically found the in mangrove swamps in Florida.  They lay “upside down”.  Sometimes, a crab will pick up one and put it on his back as protection, as the jellyfish does sting.