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Billy Bob’s Texas (Fort Worth Stockyards)

We went to see Miranda Lambert in concert at Billy Bob’s Texas.  In the end, we didn’t se too much of her.  We didn’t get up front early on to sit with the kids for a few hours, and it was IMO way over “sold out”.  The smoke also got to us.  So we only saw about 1/3 of the concert itself, and at that, we viewed on the screens they had posted up around the bar.  Note to self…..better to just fork over the $200/seat to see it for real.  lol

As far as Billy Bob’s in general….we loved it.  We will go back!  However, some notes.  While it tries hard to be family friendly, it’s very hard to bring children there.  Older children in their teens would probably be much easier.  Also, bring cash.  Their ATM has the longest wait time ever.  There is a line, but the problem is that the ATM itself must be dial up or something, it took literally 3 minutes of waiting after choosing your withdrawl option.  Also, the food at the restaurant that I got (which was a hamburger and fries) weren’t anything to write home about, so you might want to try out something in the area and go to the bar like you would any other….to drink, play pool, and listen to music.  Other than that…the setup was very cool, lots to do and see, lots of people there, and I’m sure during any other concert, more than enough room for those who want to view closer up.  (miranda Lambert is an exception since she’s such a huge star and had recently won a grammy….they sold out both nights she was there!).  You can also go into Billy Bob’s during the day for a discounted price, and probably much smaller crowd.

When we got there, we paid $10 to park overnight in their parking lot.  No hookups, but we were allowed to boondock for the night.  Not too bad in the end especially because it was a bit warm so we didn’t have to worry about keeping the heater on all night.

We went into Billy Bob’s at about 8:30, looked around the gift shop and then at 9 went to see the bull riding.  That was a blast for all of us!  The cowboys were awesome and the bulls were funny to watch.  Some of them would trot right over to the gate to go back to their pens, but quite a few others had to be prodded a bit to get em to go.  They’d prance around the arena, put their heads down and scrape at the dirt with their front legs, charge after the clown at the gate and then suddenly turn around again before he was through the gate.  Very entertaining. I’ve been to a rodeo, but it’s been years and the kids had never gone.  Afterwards, we went to get autographs and pictures with some of the cowboys.  The kids LOVED it!  And afterwards we walked out of the bull riding area and the kids posed for a picture on a fake bull….very cute!

The next morning, it occurred to me (like it always does during a power outage), that we had to power.   Let me explain.  I brought enough freezer meals for our trip, however, the day before we ended up leaving after lunch and stopped at Sonic for dinner.  So in the morning, I pulled out some pancakes and went to put them in the microwave.  Oh yeah….no power. Crap!  And I hadn’t brought any pots or pans to heat them up on our gas stove/oven the old fashioned way because in my oversight I’d forgotten that you can’t microwave without electricity.  I know….stupid thing to think.  But think about it.  How many times during a power outage do you walk by three rooms with candles just to get to the bathroom and try to flip on the light switch?  Yup….that’s how it is.  You just don’t think things through as carefully as you should.  Hopefully, with a few more experiences in boondocking, I’ll come up with a system for it and feeding everyone! So we packed up and walked around the stockyards area, had some breakfast and then pulled out.  I will say that I wish I would’ve been able to spend a few days there, especially without the kids to check out the night life.  It looked like a lot of fun!  As it was, in the early morning light I’ll admit I was thoroughly charmed by it old west feel, with the boardwalk sidewalks, the bricked streets, the words like “saloon” in almost every window, and with the stockyards and rodeo right there…all the real cowboys riding around on horses.  Out of what I’ve seen in Texas so far, this area what the best representation of what the stereotype “texan town” should look like.  And while it wasn’t too far away when we went through the typical inner city ghettos, and then a few more minutes to get to the typical suburbs with all their Petco/Sam’s Club/ Starbucks strip malls and track housing, the Fort Worth Stockyards will definitely take you back in time and charm you into finding a way to say “ya’ll”!