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Hoover Dam

We stopped here on our way back home from Vegas.  I think we ended up staying about 2 hours total to check it all out.  The engineering on this is breath taking!


Arizona Restaurant Reviews


201 Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ

While staying at the Apache Junction KOA, we’d asked a lady who’d been there a month where a good place was for breakfast.  She said she’d gone to Mickey D’s almost every morning and it was delicious.  After a fight with out GPS unit who had originally insisted Mickey D’s was located were a mobile home park clearly was, we found it!  The parking lot was PACKED and as we walked through (we parked way out there because we had our RV with us), we noticed how they were almost all out of state licenses.  Odd.  The restaurant inside was equally packed, but they got us in right away.  After getting the kids settled and having some coffee poured, Gabe and I looked up and around, and noticed we seemed to be the only ones under the age of 50!  OOOOHHHHHHHH!  Yeah.  Snow birds.  That explains the out of state license plates.  LOL

While our waitress was almost subpar, there were several “bus girls” that were phenomenal.  Caelan spilled her drink all over herself (which was irritating since we were almost out of clean clothes for her, but were trying to make it to California before doing laundry).  I took her out to our rig and got her dressed again while Gabe stayed inside with the boys.  One of the bus girls came over right away to clean up the mess, bring new silverware, napkins, and a new drink for Caelan.  For the remained of our meal, it was the bus girls who most often stopped by to ask if we needed refills, if our food was good, if we needed more napkins (with kids, you can never have too many!).  I left a good tip and hopefully some of it went to these wonderful ladies who helped our visit be so nice!  Very large portion, and one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a long time (that I didn’t cook myself HA HA).  If you’re passing through, go to Mickey D’s for breakfast!

Campsites in Arizona


We stayed here for just the night.  Nice showers.  A pool, which we didn’t use.  Cacti everywhere, which was prety cool, however, I spent some time awake worried about the kids falling into one.  Luckily that didn’t happen.  We only stopped there briefly, but it was clean and the folks working there were friendly.  Fees in the $40’s.


We stayed here New Year’s Eve.  There are no hookups, and we learned the hard way just how long our battery will last.  And also, that while certain items, like the heater, were touted to be run on propane alone, they will not work without any electricity/battery power.

It was a gorgeous site though!  We were in site 36 which was about 50 feet to the water with nothing in between us and Lake Havasu.  Seeing the mountains around it, along with the desert ecosystem, surround the Colorado river was really beautiul.  The average site is 60-65 feet and there are a lot of super easy pull through sites!  Fees are $18/night, no hookups.


This is the “purple park” of Phoenix. Why is it called that?  Yup.  It’s mostly purple.  Gabe mentioned something about how I’d feel right a home there as my favorite color is purple.  I decided to opt out of explaining to him tat while I love that color, the Southwest palate isn’t one I use very frequently.  I’m more of a traditional sort of gal.

Anyways, this is a very nice park.  Full hookups, orange trees everywhere, nice dog run areas.  Lots of long term quests, which makes that state of the park that much nicer.  In our very limited experience, the more lived in, the trashier.  This is not to say that the people who live long term in their rigs are trashy.  It’s just that stuff has time to build up when you’re there longer.  It tends to start looking like a mobile home park in that it will definitely get that lived in look.

There is a small park, a pool and spa, a game room with a pool table and some arcade games.  There is a very spacious laundry room with 6 washers, 4 commercial sized dryers and 2 large tables for folding laundry.  There is a lot of cactus art, in which the artist made cactus shaped sculptures out of metal, painted them fun colors, and then “planted” them in large terra cotta planters.

Sites are gravel with a large cement pad that is great for keeping dirt and gravel out of your rig.  There is also a very nice welcoming pamphlet.  it includes the typical stuff but also has a few pages of nearby businesses and the directions to get to them from the RV park.  These include places like Wally World, Walgreens, Safeway, vets and dog spas/boarding, urgent care and the local hospital.  While we didn’t use any of these places, there’ve been enough times we’ve set up somewhere just so that I can try and google the businesses I needed, typically a grocery store or a drugstore, and then hope the stupid GPS in the car gives us good directions.

Rates are about $40, but there was an additional $5 charge because we were too large for their “short term guests spots”.  Apparently, they typically save their “premium” spots for long term guests and the ones for just a night or two are fairly short.  Since we couldn’t fit, we paid the additional $5 for the longer spot.  There were tons of people there, but it wasn’t full because it’s a really large park.  I assume that in June there aren’t as many people as in January.