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We went to Alcatraz while we were in San Francisco, Ca.  You can see the ruins of the Warden’s home, the other old buildings with moss growing on the roofs, the lookout tower, the showers, the galley, and a few cells.  There are also a few pics of the spacer used in an escape attempt.  The Audio tour was really good and kep the interest of my youngest two (aged 5 and 7) for three quarters of the way through.  The last few minutes were a bit annoying because of their desire to no long be listening, but it was still really good stuff!  The boys (aged 9 and 10) got a huge kick out of it and learned a lot (they’ll listen to anyone but me!).  ON a side not, here’s a fun fact.  The island Alcatraz sits on was literally a ROCK!  When people first set their sights on it, there was no dirt and no plant life.  It was a huge rock of an island.  Talk about heavy duty prison reinforcements!