Don Jose’s Grill

2722 Williams, Kenner, LA

We went to dinner here one of the last nights in Kenner, LA.  The interior I loved! Most Mexican places border on gaudy with their bright colors and random wall accessories.  This place has three colors total, and while it definitely looks like Mexican restaurant decor, it was done very much in line with my own personal taste.  Blacks and golds and deep reds.  Lovely.

We were all pretty excited about the items on the menu that had their influence in the islands.  Gabe and I each got something and then shared to try them both. One was a typical fajitas style grilled dish.  One was an island-esque kebab fajita style dish.  The first dish was very good, but it might have been the chorizo added.  🙂  The Island one just didn’t have much flavor in the meat, veggies, and pineapple.  All in all, decent meal.

On to the drinks.  They offer 5 different sizes for their margaritas.  Small, medium, large, pitcher, and gallon.  We ordered a pitcher for the two of us and then got a gallon to go (which is the only way they’ll let you order the gallon).  Good top shelf margarita, and far cheaper than getting one at the Crowne Plaza hotel bar (one drink for $10 VS $30 for a pitcher that was about 6 drinks).

I suppose if we ever stayed at Crowne Plaza again (which we won’t), we’d go again.  But honestly, there’s way too much really good food in New Orleans to visit again unless we just happened to be around for some other reason.


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