Lake Charles visitor center and Millennium park

We stopped for lunch one day in Lake Charles.  We typically aren’t in the area during a time when we are stopping for long, but this trip was a bit longer on both ends, and we left earlier than we normally do.

Millennium Park is HUGE!  It’s seriously a very large play structure with an area for littles as well as one for bigger kids. From what we were told, there are still plans to make it about twice as big.  Lots of places to sit and have lunch.

Afterwards, we went to the visitor’s center, which meant we had to loop around the freeway and it was awkward.  Google maps didn’t have it located where it actually is.  If I would’ve known, we would’ve stopped there first because then we wouldn’t have had to backtrack.  Anyways, the visitor’s center has what they all have, coffee, some brochures about the area, a sign in sheet, and a small gift shop.  Then you can walk outside and across a grassy area and see a fenced in pond with four alligators in it.  Probably not what we would’ve gotten if we had gone to an Alligator farm, but for free, not bad.  You get to see them up close.  Also a nice grassy and shaded area with nice views of the lake.  Would make a nice place to pull over for a lunch stop as well.


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